Category 666: Hurricane Maria and the Destruction Divine.

Hurricane Maria is consider to be a Category 666. The Hurricane Powers was so massive and so powerful that literally Puerto Rico became hell. Her destructions left many people dead, with out lights and water for almost a year.


[Picture by:Antti Lipponen Name of Picture: Hurricane Maria 2017 09 20]

One of my experience of Maria was learning to adapt throw out the chaos of Maria. Learning to have patience throw out everything.  One of the memories that i will learn is that you will truly know who is your enemy or friend. Look out for bad people try to steal you’re bit of water of food.


How to survive with out internet or water or light. I specially loved to have water. When the water left i would be sad because definitely having water was a priority. Compared to the light we can always use the Sun. Something that i learn was to do gasoline line for days and weeks just so we could have some gasoline for our cars so nothing would happen to us. How manny people would fight for it. How you would go to the supermarket and not having so much food for days. Because does 2 or 3 weeks where days of pain. It was mostly a waiting game. I remember how i would i listen to the radio station and listening to people calling for help because people didn’t have food or anything because they could not get ready for the Calamity. How people would steal stores and places steal everything after the chaos. Food , water, cloths, electronics they would get in store just because nobody was protecting them.  How i would need to got the river and go wash my cloth, bring water how i would need wait for the rain and get water for flushing the toilet. How i would need to eat ones a day or twice just for our food would last. We would be literally be like 10 or more in my gramma house. How would gramma would cook for everyone. Cutting trees down and open roads. Cold days and lots of water.


But something that change my mine or my hope was that people would help each other. From giving food, water and hope for those who lost it all. How military men and personal would bring food for the community and help out everybody. It was something that change my mine and soul. How my family join together to help out each other. How kids would go out and play. It was something that you would never see. It was something special. Some people say that it was the worst but we can see how people would join together to help. I remember how i would literally would go up to San Juan Just to go to my mother hows and bring water for my family member in Caguas. Just because my gramma house and a few family member didn’t have water. It was a crazy. But  good things happen after Maria. I would have a job and have more time with my family. Learning to love more everyday. Appreciate more of what a i have. Maria was a wake up call.


It was hard, but we survived.

The day Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico.

During Maria:

After Maria:

[Video by: CBS News Name of Video: Analyzing the new report on the death toll in Puerto Rico from Hurricane Maria]


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